Troiani, I. and Periton, D. (eds) (2013) Architecture and Culture: the AHRA Journal, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

Architecture and Culture is an international journal that investigates the relationship between architecture and the culture that shapes and is shaped by it. Architecture and Culture publishes explorations that are rigorously speculative, purposively imaginative, visually and verbally stimulating. From historians of culture and architecture, from geographers, anthropologists and other social scientists, from architects and urban designers, from filmmakers, animators and other artists, from thinkers and writers of all kinds, established and new, it solicits essays, critical reviews, interviews, fictional narratives in both words and images, art and building projects, and design hypotheses. Architecture and Culture aims to promote a conversation between all those who are curious about what architecture might be and what it can do.

Vol. 1, Issues no. 1&2 ‘Discipline’, November 2013
Vol. 2. Issue no. 1, 'Dissidence', March 2014
Vol. 2, Issue no.2, 'Disciplinary Practices', July 2014


I am currently writing a book titled Architecture Filmmaking: Travelogue of an Illegal Architect. I hope to publish it in 2014. I am co-edited of the book, The Politics of Making.. It was the outcome of a conference I organised primarily on my own. I recently published a book of photographs taken by my design students while on their travels in Turkey titled Consuming the Exotic.

Troiani, I. (2013) Consuming the Exotic: Young architect tourists in Turkey, Oxford: Original Field of Architecture Ltd.
Consuming the Exotic pdf

Swenarton, Mark, Troiani, Igea and Webster, Helena (eds.) (2007), The Politics of Making, London: Routledge
Politics of Making pdf


I completed my PhD in 2005. It is titled The Politics of Friends in Modern Architecture, 1949-1987. My supervisor was Professor Jennifer Taylor.

In essence, my PhD was the study of friendship and enmity as understood in philosophy. I spent enormous time reading about the most famous friendships recorded in history and critiquing the role of gender is seminal influential friendships. I translated what I defined in the PhD as ‘the movement of philein’ from friendship to enmity into three social histories of modern architecture. The histories were of the couplings, the Smithsons; Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi; and the early OMA. The social histories are histories of dissidence, of youngers rebelling against the beliefs of their elders and contesting institutional norms.

I produced a series of fictitious photographs accompanying the social histories. Included here are some of my favourites.

Other writings

Troiani, I. (2013) “Eco-topia: “Living with Nature” in Edilia, Iceland”, Journal of Architectural Education (JAE), 67/1 Special Issue: ‘Architecture and Utopia’: 96-105.
Eco-topia pdf

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Sci-fi Eco-Architecture pdf

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Zaha pdf

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Excurcus 3 pdf

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Architectural Genogram pdf

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Quality out of Control pdf

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Histories of the Florey pdf

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Florey building pdf

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Architectural History pdf

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Stirling’s worth pdf

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Deserved Exposure pdf

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Writing Architectural History pdf

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Acknowledging the presence pdf

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From Bauhaus pdf

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Collaborative Process pdf

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Building Mayne Hall pdf

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Friendship and Warring in Modern Arch pdf

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Impact of Homely Order pdf

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There is nothing wrong pdf

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Truth-telling and the emancipation pdf

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