Short Films

Illegal Architect (2013)
Written, directed and produced by Igea Troiani. Produced by Caryatid Films Ltd. (15 mins)

Illegal Architect is about the fight for “the plight of imagination”, the recurring story of Howard Roark in The Fountainhead (Dir. Vidor, 1949) transformed as science-fiction fantasy through the hybrid intersection with Brazil (Dir. Terry Gilliam, 1985) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (Dir. Michael Radford, 1984), reimaged with a female protagonist.


Civil Servant 70 (CS70)
Voiceover (Ministry)
Voiceover (French)

Sophie Linin
Samuel Orange
Bhagavat Ashraya Das
Astrid Bois d'Enghien


Director of Photography

Off-line Editor
On-line Editor

Assistant Director/ Script Development
Production Assistant
Costume Designer


Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson
Konrad Welz

Misha King
Angela Hatherell
Astrid Bois d'Enghien
Louisa Ma
Lola Dawson

Stefano Di Renzo
David John Neve


VFX Designer
VFX Supervisor
3D modelling, Animation and Texturing


Motion Graphics

Sound Designer
Sound recording (French)


Konrad Welz
Konrad Welz
Konrad Welz
Carlos Lora Yunen
Dan Kealty
Konrad Welz
Shailendra Pandey
Andrew Begg
Andrew Gill

Jonathan Michaelides
Konrad Welz
Richard Whiston

Toby Shark
Mathew Emmett

With thanks to

Joe Carr
David Castro
Patrick Cheeseman
Daisy Drury, Circus Space
Simon Hook
Ian Long
Original Field of Architecture Ltd
Robert Seatter, BBC
Sheppard Robson

Written, Directed and Produced by

Igea Troiani

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2013


Building Mayne Hall (2004)
Written, directed and produced by Igea Troiani; Director of Photography and Editor: by Shaun Charles. Produced by HAPPENiNC Ltd. (20 mins)

Building Mayne Hall is the story of the journey of the relatively unknown Australian architect, Stuart McIntosh’s winning and then losing the commission to design the Mayne Hall (later named Great Hall) at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Interviewing insiders involved in the project who witnessed McIntosh’s downfall, it reveals how McIntosh’s neighbour Robin Gibson befriended the new University Vice-Chancellor and was chosen instead as the architect to build the building.

Conrad Gargett Architecture (2005)
Written, directed and produced by Igea Troiani; Director of Photography and Editor: Shaun Charles, Composer: Paul Hankinson. Produced by HAPPENiNC Ltd. (20 mins)

In 2004, I was approached by the architectural practice Conrad Gargett Architecture (in Brisbane Australia) to curate an exhibition of their architectural works. As part of that curatorial project they commissioned me to make a documentary. The documentary was to cover 12 projects, one from each decade the practice had been in existence. When you talk about architecture with non-architects, I am aware they can be pretty disinterested, so I structured the documentary around interviews either with the architect designers, project architects or building users to give a sense of their dreams or experience of inhabiting these buildings. Their voice overs narrated the documentary and form a chronological record of the evolution of the practice.

House after Two Years of Living (2010)
Written, directed and produced by Igea Troiani; Director of Photography and Editor: Cait Sweeney. Produced by Original Field of Architecture Ltd. (20 mins)

House after Two Years of Living is a visual essay recording the inhabitation of a house I co-designed with Andrew Dawson, as part of our architectural practice, Original Field of Architecture Ltd. My documentary developed from House after Five Years of Living (1955) by Charles and Ray Eames. The short film documents their house, the Eames House or Case Study House No. 8 in Los Angeles, 1949. As I move the viewer from textures, colours and materials of our Oxford house, my voice over explains influences from books and other architects. It’s a narrative of memories of houses Andrew and I have visited.

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